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Sustainability Roundtable Efforts: An Update

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Sustainability is synonymous with opportunity – and Washington wine is defined by embracing opportunity!  Despite the Corona-crisis dominating most conversation, sustainability is still a top priority for Washington wine. In order to keep the momentum strong, the Sustainability Roundtable pushed forward to “meet” on Zoom, with nearly 20 participants. The late May meeting focused on discussing and evaluating what a statewide, Washington-specific certification program could look like, using the robust educational components of Vinewise®\Winerywise™ as the baseline for a certification standard.

The next meeting will be scheduled before harvest…yep, it’s almost that season!

Grant-funded, the Sustainability Roundtable is facilitated by the Foundation and filled with nearly 30 key industry leaders in Washington. The Roundtable has been meeting the past year to critically assess the state of play of sustainability, define what it means for Washington specifically, and determine next steps on how the industry should shape what sustainability should look like considering the cultural shift in consumers demanding certified sustainably produced wine.

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Foundation Participates in Sustainability Webinar

The Foundation participated in a June webinar – co-hosted by a multi-state industry effort including California, New York, Oregon, and Washington – on recent consumer and trade research that indicates an increasing market for sustainably grown and produced wine. With over 500 participants from 19 U.S. markets, representing all aspects of the wine industry, it was clear confirmation that there is strong interest in this topic.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar

Two wine industry research experts, Lulie Halstead, CEO of Wine Intelligence based in London, and Christian Miller, proprietor of Full Glass Research in Berkeley, presented new data and insights from recent consumer and trade research on perceptions of sustainable winegrowing, certification, and practices. Their research indicates increasing market demand for sustainably produced wine. As the value of sustainability in the marketplace flourishes, growers and vintners across the U.S. are increasingly embracing sustainable winegrowing practices.

Click here to for full press release, which includes key insights on consumer and trade perceptions


Sustainably-Made Wine – It’s “in”! Check out Washington’s Sustainability Program!

Have you explored Vinewise®\Winerywise™ yet? This FREE online guide was created for the industry, by the industry, of industry to enable Washington growers, vintners, and business managers to improve the sustainability of their management practices through self-assessment, easy access to relevant resources, and tools for continuous improvement.

Vinewise®\Winerywise™ is also a network and includes a Facebook page (click here to like and follow the new page!) that allows growers, vintners, and business managers to share insights and resources that improve sustainability.

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