Making It Work

Making it work

“Winning the scholarships made such an impact in my life,” Carina said. “As a single mom and full time student, it’s hard to juggle work and internships,” she said. “The scholarships made it easier to continue my education without worrying about how I would pay my tuition so I can give my daughter a brighter future. I feel like I can breathe again.”

Carina first heard about the WWIF scholarship program from her Yakima Valley Community College advisor and her V&E coordinator at WSU. She had considered continuing her education and getting a B.S. degree, but without the support from her advisor and scholarship funding, it wasn’t something that she could accomplish. “I felt disbelief at first, then when it sank in, I cried with joy,” said scholarship winner Carina Ocampo. “I felt blessed.”

Winning the scholarships made such an impact in my life

Currently studying Viticulture and Enology with a minor in horticulture, Carina wants to make her own wine. “I love my state and all it has to offer in wine making,” Carina says. “There’s so much to learn about this industry and I’m hungry for more knowledge.”

With a focus on red blotch infection in wine grape vineyards, Carina hopes bring out more information as to how to prevent this virus in vineyards and leaf roll. “But I also hope to bring darn good wine to the Washington wine industry,” Carina said.

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