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We facilitate scholarships on behalf of Washington’s wine industry for qualifying students pursuing wine-related studies.

2021 Scholarship Instructions

Margaret McCoy, Scholarship Recipient, in the vineyard

The Foundation Fund was established in June 2013 as an endowed fund by the Foundation Board of Directors. [With confirmation from their respective families] The initial endowment was created using the Charles Lill, Michael Manz, Glenn Coogan, John Farmer, Industry Need, and Rainy Day Funds.


The number of Foundation Fund Scholarships awarded each year is determined annually. Award amounts range from $2,000 to $10,000 for the Washington State students studying viticulture, enology, wine business management at CWU or WSU, and V&E Graduate Degree food sciences.


2022 Scholarships open November 2022


The Walter J. Clore Scholarship was established in 1997 by the Washington Winegrowers Association in honor of Dr. Clore’s grape research and lifetime achievements in the fields of viticulture and enology. Working with growers, Dr. Clore and his colleagues published information on grape varieties, diseases, insects, mineral nutrition, irrigation, cover crops, weed control, and climatological effects. He also tested various trellis designs, which eventually led to the widespread adoption of mechanical harvesting.


The number of Walter J. Clore Scholarships awarded each year is determined annually. Award amounts start at $1,000 for students studying any wine or viticulture related discipline.


2022 Scholarships open November 2022


Horse Heaven Hills Wine Growers is a nonprofit group of grape growers and winemakers established in 2005. The scholarship Horse Heaven Hills Scholarship fund was established by members of the group who are dedicated to promoting education of the grape growing and wine producing industries in Washington.


Every year, two (2) $3,000 scholarships are awarded for students interested in studying viticulture, enology, wine business management, or wine-related hospitality. Preference is given to students who are residents of Klickitat, Benton, or Yakima counties and whose parent(s) are employed in the Washington wine industry.


2022 Scholarships open November 2022


The George & Susan Carter Scholarship was established in 2017 as an endowed fund in honor of Washington State University researcher and winemaker George Carter and his wife, Susan. George worked side by side with Dr. Walter Clore and the two were close friends. As part of his day-to-day activities, Carter developed a system for classifying American, European, and hybrid grape varietals. In recognition of his wine-making accomplishments, Carter was elevated to a Supreme Knight in the International Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine.


The George & Susan Carter Scholarship is a $1,000 auto-renewing scholarship awarded to one student for up to four years. This scholarship was established to assist students of limited means to attain associates, bachelors, and graduate-level degrees in viticulture and enology.


2022 Scholarships open November 2022


The Albert Don Memorial Scholarships was established in 2021 in honor of Albert Don, a respected innovator in the ag and grape community. Albert was a lifelong resident of Prosser where he started his career with Wyckoff Farms and stayed for over 30 years. He played the role of not only farmer, but also of innovator with mechanical pruning, hedging, and mechanical thinning practices that led the industry. In 2003, he earned the Washington Winegrowers Association’s ‘Grower of the Year’ award to recognize his demonstrated viticultural skills that provide impact in the vineyard and in the bottle–creating the atmosphere of a perfect grape in the vineyard.


The Albert Don Memorial Scholarship will annually award $3,000 to one student pursuing an education in viticulture or wine business management.


2022 Scholarships open November 2022


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