Foundation Grants To-Date

Since 2002, the Foundation has been awarded over $2.7 million in Federal and state grants. Projects have addressed education, risk management, winery safety, clean plants, cost-of-production calculators, integrated pest management and other topics.

Most recently, the Foundation secured a $99,440 grant from the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for its project, “Harmonizing Grapevine Nursery Stock Certification Programs in the Pacific Northwest.” This third year effort will accommodate the lengthy process required for state rule modification across Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and focus on officially implementing pilot study of harmonized quarantine pest list and draft certification standards.

To date, a draft certification standard was developed and by engaging stakeholders and agencies, grapevine pest quarantines and certification programs were compared, a common pest list developed, and universally acceptable testing methods and cultural mitigations for pests identified. The Northwest Foundation Block Advisory Group was utilized to advise regulators and sound out deliverables and feasibility. Grower and nursery involvement and expanded outreach will be key in gaining acceptance and adoption.

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