Certification 101 Webinar Recording

The WA Wine Industry Foundation in conjunction with the Clean Plant Center Northwest were awarded a three-year nursery project grant from Washington State Department of Agriculture called “Building Awareness of State Certification Programs for Fruit Tree, Grapevine Planting Stock”.

State certification programs have become a crucial tool to the success of the fruit tree, grapevine planting stock industries in the Northwest and Washington state. This project promotes awareness and increases nursery/grower adoption of certified planting stock while clarifying the industry’s confusion of planting stock that is “certified” vs.  “clean.”

Among other efforts still underway, a webinar was held on December 20, 2023, called Certification 101 which discussed the process for plant certification including:

Step 1: Getting clean plants (G1=clean plant center)

Step 2: Getting plants from clean plant center to your nursery mother block (G2)

Step 3: Setting up your nursery and things you must do

Step 4: Maintaining your certified plants (G2 and G3)

Step 5: Selling your certified plants (G3 and G4)


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