Where will you go?

Apply for up to $5,000 in sabbatical funding by May 1.

Explore the world, expand your industry knowledge, and further your career.

The Bill Power’s Sabbatical offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue an area of interest, design your own curriculum, identify desired learning outcomes, and craft an international personalized learning experience.

WHO: A degreed professional, under the age of 40, with five years of experience in viticulture and enology who is currently employed in the Washington State grape or wine industry.

WHAT: Up to $5,000 to cover travel, room and board, and other education expenses of going to a wine producing region of the world to explore and learn about wine grape growing and/or winemaking practices.

WHEN: Application deadline is May 1.

WHERE: ANYWHERE! Travel to any wine producing region of the world!

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