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Scholarship applications for the 2016-17 school year are currently being reviewed. Awards will be announced around May 15, 2016.

Scholarships Introduction

Foundation Fund Scholarship

The Foundation Fund was endowed in June 2013 by the Board of Directors. Several family funds, including the Charles Lill, Michael Manz, Glenn Coogan and John Farmer funds, plus the Industry Need and Rainy Day Funds, were combined to create the initial endowment. With this larger endowed fund, WWIF can make a bigger impact on the industry’s need for an educated workforce. Individual gifts and dedicated auction revenues continue to grow the endowment. The number of awards is determined annually, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

Walter J. Clore Scholarship

The Walter J. Clore Scholarship was established in 1997 by the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers (WAWGG) in honor of Dr. Clore’s grape research. Working with growers, Dr. Clore and his colleagues published information on grape varieties, diseases, insects, mineral nutrition, irrigation, cover crops, weed control and climatological effects, including winter injury.  He tested various trellis designs, which eventually led to the widespread adoption of mechanical harvesting.  Each year, WAWGG members raise the funds for this scholarship at their annual convention.  The number of awards is determined annually and scholarships range from $500-$2,500.

Horse Heaven Hills Scholarship

The Horse Heaven Hills Wine Growers offer up to two $1,500 scholarships for students who are residents of Benton, Klickitat or Yakima counties and interested in the study of viticulture and/or enology. Preference will be given to students with a parent employed in the Washington wine industry. The scholarship was established by members of the group who are dedicated to promoting education of the grape growing and wine producing industry in Washington.

Bill Powers Sabbatical Scholarship

In honor of Bill Powers, the late owner and general manager of Badger Mountain Vineyard, his family and associates developed the Bill Powers Sabbatical Fund. The purpose of this sabbatical is to allow a young Washington industry professional the means to travel to study grape-growing or winemaking in other parts of the world, and bring that education back home to advance the Washington wine industry. This sabbatical scholarship, for up to $5,000, is open to individuals currently working in the Washington state grape or wine industry, with five years of experience in viticulture or enology. Funds may be used for travel, room and board, and other education-related expenses. Bill, who passed away in 2013, pushed himself and his vineyard to find new best practices to grow a better wine. In 1990, Bill transitioned his own enterprise to become the first certified organic wine grape vineyard in Washington State and was inducted into the Legends of Washington Wine at the Walter Clore Center.


Jadi Adiputra

Clore Scholarship

Jadi is a PhD candidate in Plant Pathology at WSU, with a research focus on plant diseases. This work supports our state’s clean plant work and improves management of grapevine red blotch disease.

Jesse Aplin

Clore Scholarship

Jesse, a PhD candidate in the Food Science at WSU, is conducting research into yeasts, including impacts on wine quality and mouthfeel, and the use of native yeast isolates to control alcohol content.  His research proposal and presentation gained Jesse direct entry into the PhD program.

Kaelin Campbell

Clore Scholarship, Foundation Fund Scholarship

Kaelin, a junior at WSU, is studying viticulture and enology, serves as President of the V&E Club and plays the role of ambassador of the program to the CAHNRS (the College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences).

Zachary Cartwright

Clore Scholarship, Foundation Fund Scholarship

Zachary is currently a PhD candidate in Food Science at WSU.  Zachary entered directly in the PhD program (without first obtaining a Master’s Degree), and researches Brettanomyces Bruxellenses, a yeast that adversely affects wine quality.

Eric Gale

Foundation Fund Scholarship

Eric is a Masters candidate in Viticulture at WSU. Eric’s academic emphasis is on root cold hardiness and post-freeze crown gall infestation. Like other students, Eric volunteers at a local vineyard and winery to complement his education.

Devon Griffith

Clore Scholarship

Devon, a junior seeking a B.S. in Integrated Plant Sciences at WSU, focuses on comparing varietal characteristics across various clones of the same varietal under the tutelage of WSU V&E Director Dr. Thomas Henick-Kling.

Matthew Reilly

Clore Scholarship, Foundation Fund Scholarship

Matthew, an architect, is pursuing an AAAS degree in the Enology and Viticulture Department at Walla Walla Community College. Matthew also serves as Student Consultant and Program Researcher for “Vinea: The Winegrowers Sustainable Trust” in the Walla Walla Valley and works as a cellar master at a Walla Walla winery.

Carina Ocampo

Clore Scholarship, Foundation Fund Scholarship, Horse Heaven Hills Scholarship

Carina will be a junior this year in the V&E Department at WSU. Carina will intern with Dr. Naidu Rayapati at the Prosser research station supporting Rayapati’s work on grapevine viruses, and hopes to pursue a graduate degree in the subject.

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