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We build the future while honoring the past.

With specific scholarships honoring the trailblazers of years past, our donors build a legacy. Our scholarship recipients use those funds to build their future in the industry.

In the past 15 years, WWIF awarded scholarships totaling $192,900 to 50 students pursuing degrees in viticulture and enology in Washington State.

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Scholarships Overview

Grants to Support an Industry

WWIF is comprised of people who have helped grow the Washington wine industry from the beginning. Using that experience, we identify challenges facing the industry. The generous support of donors enables WWIF to pursue grants and other resources to tackle those challenges. Over the past 14 years, WWIF has been awarded $2,218,296 in Federal and state grants.

Projects have addressed education, risk management, winery safety, clean plants, cost-of-production calculators, integrated pest management and other topics.


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Every donor matters.

The flourishing Washington wine industry was not built on the success of one winery or one grower. It was built on hundreds of wineries, thousands of grape growers and field workers, and the expertise of an entire community.

WWIF is passionate about propelling Washington forward as a highly regarded wine region. With the funds we receive through donations and events, WWIF provides solutions and programs that deliver tangible benefits. Donor’s contributions to scholarships make it possible for students to pursue degrees in viticulture and enology. Our Board members are active, curious, and caring. Together we are helping the industry to grow and prosper. Join us in honoring the past and building the future.

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Donations Overview

Our Board and staff bring extensive experience, knowledge and passion to serve the Washington wine industry. Their focus is to advance education, research and leadership to maintain the quality and reputation of the Washington wine industry locally, nationally and globally.

“We bring the industry together by focusing on identified needs— like scholarships and special projects – and serve as an effective fundraising vehicle to achieve those goals.” –Carol Munro, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and WWIF Board member

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