Harmonizing Clean Plant Protocols & Grapevine Certification in the Northwest

For the past year WWIF has been working with stakeholders across Washington, Oregon and Idaho to advance the cause of clean plants in the northwest, using a systems approach to:

  • Update rules and regulations to move toward harmonization in handling and tracking plants between Northwest states (WA, OR, ID)
  • Address and inform the process of inspecting, auditing and certifying nursery stock production
  • Update antiquated inspection systems by modernizing certification protocols to include the use of current scientific technology
  • Provide vine labeling using RFID tag linked to Department of Ag database (in WA)

This work has been funded by a USDA APHIS Farm Bill grant, and on February 16, 2016, WWIF was awarded an additional grant from the USDA to continue this work by developing a harmonized quarantine pest list and multi-state certification program for grapevine nursery stock. The ultimate goal is to increase participation in these programs and ease interstate shipments of virus-tested grapevine plants for planting within the Pacific Northwest. The first year of the project is designed to develop draft regulations for and in support of the harmonized multi-state certification program, while the second year will implement a pilot study in nurseries in two states, based on the draft regulations. WWIF is collaborating with the agriculture departments for Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

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