Now Available: Bilingual Mobile App for Apple and Pear Production in Washington State

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The Foundation facilitates projects for the Washington wine industry based on the challenges or needs of the industry. The resulting mobile app from this grant work provides the first step for ag groups in Washington state to have an intentional tool that workers can use to access detailed pesticide safety information in both English and Spanish. The bilingual mobile app currently covers apple and pear production, the next step is to seek additional funding to launch the full mobile app, PestiSeguro™ PestiSafe™, for use with all agricultural commodities, including winegrapes. The groundwork is done and is planned to roll out in 2022.


Bilingual App Addresses Pesticide Safety with Easy Access to Labels

After more than a year of engagement with a stakeholder group of agricultural organizations and growers – representing several Washington State specialty crops –the app is finally here. A free bilingual app (¡Etiquetas de pesticidas, ahora!™/ Pesticide Labels, Now!™) that gives growers and employees easy access—anytime and anywhere—to safety information, even offline, right on their phone or tablet. Safety information is updated as new pesticides products come to market or as labels are updated.

The new app features:

  1. The label health, safety, and environmental safety information in English and contextual Spanish translations from 40 labels used in apple and pear production. (Offline use with online updates.)
  2. Direct user-friendly mobile interface to search for and download pesticide labels approved for use in Washington. * (Online)
  3. Annotated list of links to pesticide safety and WPS resources in Spanish and English. Many are EPA approved. (Online)

*The search function accesses the labels from the Pesticide Information Center Online (PICOL) website at Washington State University.

Please download the app, try it out, and give feedback (in both español and English).

The app is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. You can download the app:

  1. Get it on Google Play (requires Android 6.0 and up)
  2. Download it on the Apple App Store (requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)

The ¡Etiquetas de pesticidas, ahora!™/Pesticide Labels, Now!™ app is free. It is a product of the Etiquetas bilingües de pesticidas™/Bilingual Pesticide Safety Project™, aimed at minimizing pesticide exposure by providing easy access to label instructions for the safe use and handling of products in English and Spanish. The upcoming app, PestiSeguro™/PestiSafe™ will be available as a premium product.

Growers and employees that have tried the new app have shared:

“The app was portable, fast to use, and understandable … not at all complicated”

“Before the app, when I disposed of pesticides, it was difficult because the label was only in English.”

Note: The app is for informational purposes only and has no legal status. **The label is the law**

Feedback is welcomed. Share your experience with using the app, what you like, or any changes you’d like. Use the feedback form (in both español and English) or contact app managers.

Developed by the Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center, part of the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences. Made possible in partnership with the Washington Wine Industry Foundation. Funding and support provided by Safety & Health Investment Projects, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

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